About Us

Our Story

HugoHawk has 20 years of combined Wikipedia, Google Ads, Social and PR experience, helping companies and brands drive more leads & revenue while growing awareness of their service. After helping brands write and distribute content we created a new take on helping companies get discovered on Wikipedia.  

Today, HugoHawk helps small businesses publish themselves and their companies on Wikipedia. From launch our primary goal was to stimulate profitable growth for our clients and that vision continues unabated. 

Improving conversion rate to sale & growing revenues is complicated – but a tried and true method for achieving these objectives is get yourself published on Wikipedia to promote trust and credibility. At HugoHawk, we are proud to say we have helped SMEs across the globe optimise their digital footprint to create trust and credibility in themselves and their companies.

“As a small company, getting featured on Wikipedia was nearly impossible. HugoHawk is a great hack for getting ourselves noticed”